BHK Profile Wrapping Lamination of furniture and door profiles

The laminating of furniture and door profiles

BHK working in conjunction with leading door manufacturers now produces numerous door components, including previously coated material for the door frames. In addition to this, BHK can drill the required holes and laminate or prefabricate the complete frame. Window frames, fire-proof and burglary resistant frame components can also be supplied.

Utilizing the basics of its own innovative laminating procedure quickly made the BHK group of companies the largest manufacturer of laminated drawer surrounds in the world. The skills and experience gathered in this process has led BHK to develop its business into new exciting markets.

The company is particularly proud of being able to apply CPL (thin laminate). These laminates are purchased in standard widths and then cut to the appropriate operational requirements.

Components can be laminated up to a maximum width of 600mm which means that wide, cavity-filling boards can also be provided. Since further furniture components and brackets are laminated in addition to the door components, BHK has more than 1,000 different laminates in stock: paper, synthetic (PVC, PP), Alkorcell coating, veneers, 3D wraps, and embossed film.