About us

Traditional and Capable

Founded in 1971 The BHK Group is a family owned international company was and has been expanding continuously ever since. Team spirit and the commitment of all employees has been an important foundation for flexibility and dynamic management at BHK UK.

History of the BHK group

The BHK group of companies headquarters are in Buren, Germany; and today still remains in the ownership of its founder family. Since founded in 1971, it has grown from a carpentry workshop and delivery firm into an international and established firm in the wood working sector.

From small beginnings in 1971; when production was carried out by only 5 employees in 400 square metres of rented factory space, a globally successful group of companies has developed with production locations located in Germany, the USA, the UK and the Czech Republic, which are represented by sales offices located in China, Chile and France. Today; the BHK group's 750 employees, of which 400 are located in Germany, 200 are in the UK and 150 in the USA attain an annual group turnover of more than 125 million euros.

From their foundation in Germany, in 1976 BHK extended their business to the USA with the formation of BHK of America. Just as they had previously done in Europe; BHK successfully pioneered the foil laminated drawer and laminate flooring into the American market.

Twelve years later, BHK established its subsidiary company BHK (UK) Ltd in Peterlee, England, which since has become the market leader for drawers in the UK. Having established their presence in America and in the UK, after German reunification BHK embarked upon a search for a suitable partner in the former East Germany. In 1992 Heinz Kottmann integrated 'Holzprodukte Wurzbach'; at the time company manufacturing drawers and furniture mouldings into the group as 'BHK Holz und Kunststoff GmbH'.

Fast growth made it necessary to set up a new factory in 1994 in the industrial area of Ebersdorf, which now expands to 25,000 square metres, having been extended several times. BHK insist upon the same technological standards at all of its locations. The general conditions in each location are aligned with the company wide marketing and customer care policy. The individual companies do not see themselves as simply being subsidiaries; they have their own regional identities.